Posted By Nick
Using a Local SEO Agency

Here at Presence Multimedia, we like to look for the local guys to help us out, and tend to try to avoid any massive nationals or multi nationals.  Something about keeping business within the UK and helping our local small businesses I suppose!

We have found an excellent SEO agency in a nearby town, called SEO Moves.  They are a trendy young company, vibrant and full of interesting methods and ideas to get your website ranking higher on Google.  Simply type in SEO Agency Wellingborough and you will see they are there at the top. This shows they must be doing something right to get their site ranking like that.

They tend to focus on the three main areas that the Google algorithm seems to look at:

Content: plenty of high quality content which is ideal for both readers, customers and SEO bots alike!

Onsite SEO: including good title tags, descriptions and headings (as well as tech based things like mobile optimisation)

Links: we all know that link building is an important area for SEO, so these guys work hard to make sure the links they build are great quality and worth having!